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Tired Of Not Knowing How To Use Marketing Cloud?

"Learn Marketing Cloud Even If You Have No Experience"

The Marketing Cloud Career Development Program

Start your journey to becoming a Marketing Cloud Specialist.


In this action-packed, expert-led program, you will learn how to build and maintain Data Extensions, Content Builder Emails, SQL, Automations, Journeys, and so much more within Marketing Cloud.


Our Salesforce certified Marketing Cloud instructor will walk you through best practices related to executing, monitoring, and analyzing your journeys, arming you with the tools and know-how to design personalized journeys and engage with your customers in a whole new way.

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Who should Join This Program?

This program is designed for email digital marketers who manage the email channel for their organization.


Whether you are new to Marketing Cloud or looking for tips on how to improve your existing customer journeys, this program is a great place to learn it all.


No prior knowledge of Marketing Cloud is needed. 

What's Included In The Marketing Cloud Career Development Program?

You get access to ALL of these courses!

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Exam Prep

Email Specialist Course

Learn how to become an Email Specialist in Marketing Cloud.

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Exam Prep

MC Admin Course

Learn how to become a Marketing Cloud Administrator.

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MC Survival Guide

Learn how to survive and thrive in any Marketing Cloud job.

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MC SQL Guide

Learn how to setup Marketing Cloud Connect to Sales Cloud.

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Tesla Project

Learn how to setup Marketing Cloud Connect to Sales Cloud.

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MC Connect

Learn how to setup Marketing Cloud Connect to Sales Cloud.



MC Interview Prep

Create an email for a resort and send it in Content Builder.

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Resort Project

Create an email for a resort and send it in Content Builder.

What You Will Be Able To Do:

As you complete the courses in the Marketing Cloud Career Development program, you will be able to:

  • Explain digital compliance concepts to ensure optimal message deliverability. 

  • Use tools within Marketing Cloud to uphold deliverability standards. 

  • Utilize Content Builder Email Design best practices to ensure the best customer experience.

  • Develop effective, relevant messages using Content Builder with Personalization Strings and AMPscript.

  • Design, preview, and test different delivery methods and options when sending an email message.

  • Design and execute customer journeys using Journey Builder and Automation Studio in Marketing Cloud.

  • Differentiate when to use Automation Studio and Journey Builder for your email campaigns.

  • Understand how to use Contact Builder Attribute Groups, Data Extensions, Imports, etc...

  • Use Data filters and SQL Queries to create targeted segments to send your emails to.

  • Design simple data models within Contact Builder.

  • Define subscriber statuses, unsubscribe methods, and preferences.

  • Analyze marketing campaigns using common KPIs.

  • Solve a common marketing problem using troubleshooting guidance.

  • Prioritize testing methods and tools to ensure quality control.

  • Create and manage Sender Profiles, Delivery Profiles, and Send Classifications.

  • Navigate the Marketing Cloud Trust site, community groups, and help docs for more information, guidance, and support.

  • Describe additional Marketing Cloud products such as Datorama, Interaction Studio, and CDP.

  • Integrate Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud through Marketing Cloud Connect.

  • Prepare for Marketing Cloud Interviews

Join The Marketing Cloud Career Development Program Today

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