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How To Create a Personal Brand in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

If you're new to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and feel lost in the crowd, this post is for you. 

Today, I will show you how to build your personal brand.

A man sitting at a computer with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud interface on the screen, surrounded by symbolic elements of personal branding.

Focusing on your personal brand is important because it helps you:

  • Showcase your value.

  • Get noticed for your unique skills.

Most people struggle with personal branding either because they:

  • Don't know how to start.

  • Don't know where to start.

  • Or don't know what to do.

But don't worry, building a personal brand is easier than you think

Here's What We'll Cover Today:

  • Finding Your Unique Salesforce Marketing Cloud Skill

  • Sharing Your Success Stories

  • Keeping Your Brand Consistent

  • Always Be Learning More

  • Being Yourself

Let's jump in and help you stand out in the Salesforce ecosystem!


Finding Your Unique Salesforce Marketing Cloud Skill

Start by figuring out what you're good at in Marketing Cloud. 

You may be fantastic at creating email campaigns or analyzing data

It doesn't matter what your skill is.

What matters is:

  • Finding something you enjoy doing.

  • Being the best you can be at it.

  • Showing the world how great you are at that specific thing.

An individual brainstorming at their desk, surrounded by Salesforce Marketing Cloud elements. The desk is cluttered with notes and diagrams about email campaigns and data analysis.

Actionable Tip: 

Write down what parts of Marketing Cloud you enjoy the most and where you've had some success. 

For Example:

  • If you're great at designing email templates that look amazing, that's your skill!

  • If you enjoy blueprinting and gathering requirements from clients, pick that one.

The goal isn't to do something just for the sake of doing it.

Pick something you like, are at least "decent" at, and want to improve.

Here's what my unique skills are:

  • I like Business Requirements Gathering.

  • I enjoy creating Marketing strategies for clients.

  • I love creating Marketing Systems.

  • I like documenting "how to" do things in Marketing Cloud.

  • And I enjoy creating step-by-step processes (Which is why I enjoy creating courses).

That's why you'll see me doing the following:

  • Creating courses

  • Creating Mock Exams

  • Writing Articles (like this one)

Your assignment:

Write down 3-5 things you're good at within Marketing Cloud.

man writes his Salesforce Marketing Cloud skills in a notebook, surrounded by analytics and charts in a modern office.


Sharing Your Success Stories

Tell people about your wins and how you've solved problems in Marketing Cloud. 

You can do this on: 

  • LinkedIn

  • Team meetings

  • Slack

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Your own Blog

Example: If you helped your team get more customers using a cool email campaign, write a post about it.

Show before and after results to make it real.

Here's what this step looks like for me:

I have the MinuteAdmin blog.

Each time I create a new post, I share it on LinkedIn.

I'm doing this in real life. 

This isn't theory. 

This stuff really works.

a person reflecting on their recent achievements in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Your assignment:

  • List 3-5 things you've accomplished in the past 90 days in Marketing Cloud (even if you're a newbie - don't sell yourself short).

  • Pick a platform to share your accomplishments on.

  • Share what you've accomplished on that platform.

My recommendation:

Share on LinkedIn to start. 

Then branch out to other platforms.


Keeping Your Brand Consistent

Make sure people recognize you and your work wherever they see it. 

Use the same profile picture and style of talking on all your social media.

maintaining a consistent personal brand across various social media platforms

If you're friendly and helpful on LinkedIn, be the same on Twitter.

The problem with most people is that they try to be something they're not.

If you're sarcastic or silly in real life, be the same way on social media.

Don't change just because you're talking to people online.

The right people will follow you, and you'll repel the people that you don't vibe with.

It's like dating.

Don't be fake.

You don't want to be in a fake relationship.

Because when someone finally gets to know the real you, they'll either be disappointed or excited.

Give them consistency and be yourself.

The rest takes care of itself.


Always Be Learning More

Stay up-to-date with new Salesforce features and marketing tips. 

Read blogs, watch tutorials, or join webinars. 

For instance, if Salesforce releases a new tool, try it out and share what you learned with others.

A good rule of thumb:

  • Follow and learn from other Experts

  • Do at least one new Trailhead Module per week

  • Read articles (like this one)

You'll become an expert if you immerse yourself in the Marketing Cloud world.

It's just a matter of time.

continuous learning in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As a bonus - for reading this far...

Here's are Marketing Cloud Experts to follow:


Being Yourself

The most important thing is to be you. 

Share your honest thoughts and ideas. 

If you love making things fun, let that show in your work and posts. 

the importance of being authentic and expressing one's unique personality,

People like connecting with real people, not just experts.

You have more to offer the world than you think.

The key is to post content consistently.

If you like to write, then create a blog.

If you like to record videos, then do TikTok or YouTube.

It doesn't matter what you choose to talk about or where you talk about stuff.

What matters is that you:

  • Share your knowledge with the world.

  • Stay consistent.



building a personal brand in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Building your personal brand in Salesforce Marketing Cloud doesn't have to be complicated. 

  • Focus on what you're good at

  • Share your successes

  • Stay consistent in how you present yourself

  • Keep learning

  • And always be true to who you are. 

Start with these simple steps, and you'll stand out as a unique and valuable member of the Salesforce community. 

Go for it, and let your true colors shine! 🌟🚀🌟

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


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