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(🤕 Fighting Burnout): Effective Time Tracking Strategies To WIN BIG

Have you been feeling burnt out lately… 🙁

I’m sure you have a lot going on in life.

Things like:

  • Work

  • Meetings

  • Kids

  • Taking care of family

  • Planning for the future

  • Dreamforce coming up (And everything to prep for that)

  • Maintaining Personal Relationships

  • Interacting on Social Media

  • Moving in and out of a new place

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Searching for a new job

  • Phone calls during the day

  • Answering Questions

At first glance, it looks like a basic to-do list.

But when you break everything down into tiny pieces…

There’s a lot of moving parts.

Every task you do has a lot of pieces that make it work.

Each task is like a Lego set.

Cactus Lego with two lego people

When you finish the task - It’s like putting a Lego set together.

You want to see your Lego set in all its glory.

But… if you want to create a masterpiece - Every piece needs to go together.

Lego pieces

Each Lego piece creates the final result.

Lego House

But… It’s hard to build a masterpiece unless you know how you’re spending your time.

Your time is the most important resource you have.

If you don’t know where your time is going - How can you:

  • Cut the junk activities out.

  • And focus on activities that move you closer to your masterpiece.

The answer is…

You can't cut junk and focus on the right things if you don’t track your time.


25 Things That Happen When You Don’t Track Your Time:

  1. You miss deadlines

  2. You leave people hanging

  3. You feel like you’re letting people down

  4. You feel like you don’t have any direction

  5. You feel like you’ll never escape the matrix

  6. You feel like you won’t live your ideal lifestyle

  7. You feel like you’re going through the motions

  8. You feel like you’re working on the wrong things

  9. You feel like you’re getting the wrong things done

  10. You don’t know what you’re spending your time on

  11. You feel like you could accomplish so much more

  12. You feel like you’re not aware of what’s going on in life

  13. You don’t have periods of dedicated rest and recovery

  14. You do too many things at once - (and Feeling burnt out)

  15. You don’t know what’s important right now and what’s not

  16. You feel like your actions will make other people’s lives worse off

  17. You feel like you won’t make the impact you want to make in the world

  18. You feel like your siblings won’t live the life you want them to experience

  19. You keep accepting meetings & invitations without knowing all the details

  20. You feel like your family will struggle with low-level worries that having money could fix

  21. Your work bleeds into every facet of life - (and you don’t have time for family or friends)

  22. You feel overwhelmed with things to do - (because there’s always something new to do)

  23. Feel like your parents won’t live a better life because you’re not doing what you need to do

  24. Feel like your family’s safety won’t be better if you’re not accomplishing what you need to accomplish

  25. It’s hard for you to plan for the future because you don’t know where your time is being spent right now


But the problems go even deeper.

Real life gets in the way.

You Might Be Thinking:

  • It’s not fun to track time

  • I don’t know where to begin

  • I don’t know how to track my time

  • I don’t know how to set clear priorities

  • I’m not consistent enough to track my time

  • What tool do I use to track my time each day?

  • How do I improve my life once I track my time?

  • I don’t want anyone to see what I do on a daily basis

  • I won’t like what I see when I track my time each day

  • I don’t have a job that lets me choose what’s important

  • I’ve tried tracking my time before, and it was too much for me

  • I don’t know what’s important and what’s not important in my life

  • I don’t want to write everything I did each day - That’s too much stuff

  • What do I do with my life once I realize I’ve been wasting it on useless stuff

  • I might not like the results of what I spend my time doing every day if I track it


It’s hard to build a great life if you don’t know where your time is going.

You only have so many hours every day.

And if you’re anything like me…

You don’t want to spend your whole life sitting behind a computer.

You want:

  • To see the world

  • Meet new people

  • And spend time with people you love.

So what happens when you start tracking your time?


30 Things That Happen When You DO Track Your Time:

  1. You become aware of what you’re doing each day.

  2. You don’t waste time on unimportant activities or conversations.

  3. You become hyper-aware of what you’re doing every day.

  4. You get important things done early in the day.

  5. You get the right things done.

  6. You have integrity that when you say you’ll do something - It gets done.

  7. People can rely on you.

  8. You do the important things - and still feel energized.

  9. You are fully aware and present with what’s going on in your life.

  10. You’re miles ahead of other people.

  11. You accomplish everything you set your mind to.

  12. You focus on one thing at a time - To accomplish it much faster.

  13. You have a sense of direction in your day-to-day life.

  14. Your decisions aren’t being swayed by the wind.

  15. You have a clear direction for what you’re doing each day, week, and month.

  16. You know that you’re working on the right things.

  17. You know that you’re headed in the direction of your ideal lifestyle, and you’re taking steps toward it every day.

  18. You know that you’re creating a life that allows you to have the freedom you want (for yourself and your family).

  19. You make an impact on the world - (Without buying into what everyone online says you should be doing).

  20. You make other people’s lives better because you’re in it.

  21. You create a better life for your siblings.

  22. You create a better life for your parents

  23. You make sure your family is safe and financially secure

  24. You know where your time is going

  25. You know what’s important for you each day (and what you can delegate - or Ignore)

  26. You know what you’re signing up for before you start anything new

  27. You don’t accept any new responsibilities - unless they’re in alignment with your goals

  28. You feel relaxed and energized - because you’re working on the important few things that make a difference

  29. You have periods of dedicated rest and recovery - to spend more time doing what you love

  30. You work during working hours and live your life the rest of the day

How in the world do you actually track your time?

Let me show you a routine that I’m using to track my time.


The 3-Step Time Tracking Process:


Step 1 - Set 1-Hour Time Blocks

When you wake up - Set a 1 hour timer

Each hour you will write down what you did that past hour


When I got up this morning at 6:53 AM, I went to my phone’s clock settings and set a 1 hour timer to start my day.


Step 2 - Summarize What You Do Each Hour

When you write what you do each hour - Make a one-sentence summary.

This needs to be easy for you to do.

Write everything you remember doing - Even if it’s a small thing.

Open a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet.

Name the spreadsheet “Time Log”

In the first cell, put “Day of the week”

Below the day of the week: Put the “1-hour time block”

Example - 6 - 7 AM

  • Cooked Eggs, Ground Turkey, and ate Greek yogurt

  • Finished packing clothes to go to Dreamforce

  • Put furniture into room

  • Drive to Hertz rental car

Google Sheets Time Tracking


Step 3 - Start Today & Audit for 7 Days

The only time we have is now.

There’s no better day to start than today.

If you’re thinking of putting this activity off - Think about how much your life is passing you by (without you being aware of it).

It’s like spending money and never looking at your bank account.

If you don’t have what you want - maybe it’s time for an audit.

Stick to the routine for 7 days - By the end of it, you’ll know exactly where your time goes.

You won’t be guessing.

When you know where your time goes - You can cut the junk and get focus on what’s important.



If you’re tired of feeling burnt out - use this 3 step process.

It’s simple but effective.

The goal in life is to be effective.

If you aren’t effective, then what are you doing?

Companies pay you for results.

If you get results because of this 3-step process, that means more money for you.

What do you have to lose?

Try this 3-step process for 7 days.

You’ll come out with clarity and focus on the more important things.

And watch how fast you start to move forward in life.

This is just the foundation for a whole new paradigm in your life.

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Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


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