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How To Get The Right Things Done (500x Your Productivity)

Imagine you’re living your dream life 30 days from now…

You’re crushing all your goals.

And you’re living life to the fullest.

What steps would you have to take?

That’s a question I’ve been wrestling with lately.

Here’s what I’ve started to realize in life.

Living your dream life is a 3 step process.

And the ingredients are:

  1. Set A Goal

  2. Write A Plan

  3. Take Action

It’s so simple!

But simple doesn’t mean easy.

Our own brain usually stops us.


Here’s what my mind tells me when I want to do this 3 step process.

I find myself saying things like:

  • I’ve always done things this way, and its gotten me this far.

  • It’s tough to stay focused & disciplined on a goal by myself.

  • I don’t NEED to be this disciplined, my life is good.

  • I don’t want to keep track of what I do all day.

  • I don’t want to plan my day, that's boring.

  • I don’t like calendars.

  • I need an assistant to schedule things.

  • It’s hard to be consistent with a daily planner.

  • When I schedule stuff in my phone, I always lose the location.

  • I don’t like setting up a bunch of alarms on my phone.

  • Blocking time off in the calendar for things to get done restricts me.

  • If I set a meeting, I don’t want to miss it, so I won’t set the meeting.

Does any of that sound familiar?

What’s on the other side of those thoughts?

What happens if we stop listening to the voices in our head.


What if you just went for it?

What could you accomplish?

Could you become a top performer at work?

Could you get closer towards your dream life?


Here’s a small list of things that I believe can happen if you followed that 3 step process:

  • Better relationship with God.

  • Show up to work energized.

  • Get the right things done.

  • Feel productive throughout the day.

  • Make REAL progress towards your goals.

  • Do other things in life, since you have more free time.

  • Have more quality time for family and friends.

  • Make progress faster than ever before.

  • Feel prepared for each day (Not guessing what's next).

  • Life becomes much more fulfilling.

  • The list goes on…

I don’t know about you, but…

I’m tired of holding myself back from my full potential!!


So here’s the Step by Step process I’m going to follow this month.

(July, 2023)

Step 1: Set Goals

  • Set 5 goals for this month (June 2023)

  • I’m still deciding what that MAIN goal is

  • Right now, I use the Monk Manual to set my goals.

  • I’m also writing in Notion to keep track of my progress.

  • I’ll keep you in the loop as time goes on

Step 2: Write the Plan

  • Write the overall plan to achieve each goal

  • Break each goal down into weeks

  • Then break my weekly goals down into days

The plan will show me what needs to get done every day to achieve that goal.

It might take all day to do this.

But it’ll save time throughout the week.

You won’t be reacting to everything anymore.

You’ll be prepared for things.


Step 3: Take Action

  • Wake up at the same time everyday

  • Knock out the most important thing first thing in the morning

  • Just follow the plan (No thinking really involved)

Principles to live by


The key here is to build a routine for yourself.

That way you can structure your days easier.

Here’s what my routine will be

  1. Go to sleep at the same time each night

  2. Wake up at the same time each morning

  3. Eat a consistent diet (Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Water)

  4. Have a consistent workout routine

If I can get my routine right….

That’ll give me the physical strength and mental clarity I need.

I’m setting small goals so I can practice this craft.

It takes skill to set a goal, write a plan, and follow that plan.

The hard part is picking a goal and writing the plan.

We’re not taught how to do that growing up.

But that’s why we have to learn.

1 month is enough time to do these things (and collect info):

  • Set a Goal

  • Write a Plan

  • Take Action

The important part is to collect feedback at the end of each day and week.

If you don’t track how you’re doing, how can you know if you’re getting better?

I’ll check if I accomplished my main 3 priorities for the week.

If I did, then I won the week.

I need to see how many weeks I win so that I can make adjustments for August.

It’s all about finding weak and strong points in your armor.

If you set a small goal, make a plan, and take action…

You’re building a habit.

And that habit will carry over with you when you set bigger goals.


Jesus says in Luke 16:10,

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with very much.”

So take it nice and easy.

Get the hang of it and then work your way to bigger things.

It’s like riding a bike for the first time.

If you haven’t done it, it’s a little wobbly.

But if you keep going, you get better.

You may not get to the dream destination in 30 days.

But you’re getting another step closer towards it.

And isn’t the journey the best part?

It’s about the people that you meet along the way.

The experiences you share with your friends and family.

And the fulfillment you get when you’re working on the right things in life.

So here’s to making a difference in this life.

I hope you have an amazing 4th of July.

Enjoy a warm delicious plate of Freedom Pie! 🇺🇸

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


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