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MY AMPscript Journey (Day 10)

I'm going to make this one quick!

TBH - This isn't day 10, but I didn't post (or study) the last few days, so we're logging this as day 10!

Let's get into it!


What I Learned Today

I learned that IF Statements are very logical and somewhat easy (when it comes to the basic stuff).

Then I started learning "FOR LOOPS", which are interesting in their own right.

As of right now, I've learned the following AMPscript functions:

  1. Lookups

  2. LookupRows

  3. IF Statements

  4. FOR Loops

That's about all I've learned so far.

But those are my top 4 coolest things I know about in AMPscript at the moment.

Oh and a big shoutout to Cameron Robert

The dude makes amazing YouTube content and all of his tutorials are so well thought out.

This video made me laugh, partially because of the humor and also because of the time he took into making this so easy to digest.

He's the only person in the Marketing Cloud space that's making tutorials the way he's doing it!

Big shout out to Cameron Robert.

I hope we can do a YouTube video with each other one day.

Maybe it'll be cool to look back on this post and see how far we've all come in the Marketing Cloud space one day.

But anyways, that's it for today!


Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out! ✌🏽

PS - Make sure you set a scheduled calendar invite to study. It'll make a world of difference and you'll know when you should study and you won't have an excuse to not do it.