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My AMPscript Journey (Day 4)

Day 4 of my AMPscript journey.

I'm going to keep this one short... Maybe

The goal of today was to figure out how to use the Lookup Function to grab two data extension fields from a non-sendable data extension and put it in a Nike email I created.

(ps - I don't work for Nike... I'm just creating an email that looks like a Nike email because I like Nike clothes)


The problem today

I was putting this HTML code below the 3 images.

And I tried everything!!!!!

The %%=v(@Nikecouponcode)=%% wasn't rendering and neither was the %%=v(@whereyoubought)=%% below the 2 images on the right side.

I was so frustrated...

It took HOURS to figure it out.

And guess what the answer was!!!

All I had to do was move the HTML body above the 3 images and everything rendered perfectly and it ended up looking like this.

The final email looked like this in the "Preview and Test" area.