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Your Ideas Can Change The World 🌎

Can Your Ideas Change The World?

This question has been living in my head rent-free.

Man thinking, overlooking rome, on rooftop

You have ideas that can make this world a better place. 🌎

But most people aren’t doing anything about it.

I’ll explain…


Imagine this…

You’re talking on the phone with your best friend.

You and your friend start talking about life.

But this isn’t just any old conversation.

Ideas are flowing.

You’re inspired.

You feel a sense of accomplishment.

You’re DEEP in the convo.

The conversation goes on for 2 hours.

man talking on phone, overlooking miami, at apartment

You say to your friend:

"We should start a podcast and talk about this stuff so people can hear it!"

Your friend says:

"Yeah! Let’s do it!"

The phone call ends on a high note.

And you proceed to do absolutely nothing about it.


What about those AMAZING ideas you just spent hours talking about?

Yeah… They’re gone with the wind.


This situation reminds me of college.

I’d be at a party.

Talking to an absolutely OBLITERATED drunk dude in the corner of a bar.

at a club, two men talking, holding drinks, corner of the club, college students

He’d talk about business ideas.

Then he’d say:


(All caps because he was yelling over the music at the party, lmao).

The next day would roll around, and he would turn into a ghost.

I’d never hear from him again.

Long story short:

Just another conversation lost in space & time.

If you’ve been there - You know what I’m talking about.


People do a lot of talking and not enough CREATING.

You NEED to create.

You’re CALLED to create.

If you don’t create - you don’t contribute to humanity.

That’s a disservice to yourself and the world around you.


Robert Greene (Author of 48 Laws of Power), agrees.

Robert Greene Twitter Quote

Robert Greene is saying something here that needs to be said.

It's not okay to:

  • Consume Content

  • Come up with good ideas

  • Talk about it a couple of times to a few people

  • And never do anything about your ideas

What purpose does that serve for you or for anyone else?

All that does is flood your brain with dopamine and make you feel good in the moment.

Stop seeking instant gratification.

Keep going with your ideas!

Share them with the world!


What About The Stories?

Of course, you might have stories inside your head that are holding you back from your potential.

man thinking hard

These stories might sound like this:

  • Nobody wants to hear from you.

  • Nobody cares about what you have to say.

  • You have to be an expert before you start sharing online.

  • You need to have the perfect setup before you get started.

  • You need to get smarter before you share your knowledge.

  • Won’t people think you’re stupid for what you’re saying online?

  • You need to have a lot of followers for people to care what you say.

  • You have to make a name for yourself before you share ideas with the world.


You might not like people seeing your face online.

Or you might not want people to find you online.

But don't let these stories have power over you and your purpose.

These stories will do EVERYTHING in their power to tell you that you’re not worthy.

It’s time to look at these stories for what they are.


Thats it.


I hear great ideas all the time.

I have conversations with a lot of smart people.

But a lot of those good conversations come to an end when the phone call ends.

Here’s why that’s a HUGE problem.


The Problem with Not Sharing Your Ideas

When you hold all of your good ideas to yourself - it impacts the world.

And NOT in a good way.

Here are 5 reasons why not sharing your ideas impacts the world.


Reason #1 - People aren’t learning from you.

If you don’t share - people don’t learn.

How can you make the world a better place if people aren’t learning anything new?

Don’t rely on “The Experts” to be the only people to share their ideas.

People need your perspective.

There have to be more viewpoints in the world than the select few you see online.

Think about all the people sharing their ideas online.

Not every person sharing content online will relate to everyone.

Take me for example:

  • I’ve had people say that they listened to me because I look like them.

  • And that other people had good content, but they couldn’t relate to them.

If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, I don’t know what will.

Some people relate to certain people.

What if you are that person that someone can relate to?

How much of an impact could you have on that person?

You can say the same thing as everyone else, but make more impact because you’re more relatable.

That should be reason enough to start sharing your ideas with the world.

But let’s keep going.


Reason #2 - You aren’t turning your ideas into a movement.

When you share your ideas, you share your passions.

When you share your passions, you create a movement.

It’s natural.

When you create a movement, you create a vehicle for change.

The only way to make the world a better place is to inspire change.

When you change people’s perspective on life, they become a different version of themselves.

What if that new version inspires the people in their community?

We all create ripples that make waves in the world.

What waves will you make?


Reason #3 - The world is staying stagnant (not growing mentally).

Think about it.

If you don’t share your ideas - the world stays the same.

Do you think the world could be a better place?

If you think the world could be better, what are you doing to make it better?

Do you want the world to stay the same?

If you do, then keep doing what you’re doing and don't share with the world.

If you want the world to grow, innovate, and produce positive change, then you have to inspire people and help change the collective mindset.

The world is remaining the same because you’re not giving them your ideas.

If the people aren’t being stimulated mentally - how can they grow?

We need mental stimulation.

People need different perspectives.

People need great ideas flowing into their brains.

Hope, happiness, and innovation need to spread faster & further than negative junk.

IF you want the world to look different, THEN Be. The. Change.


Reason #4 - People who NEED to hear your message aren’t getting it.

If you knew you could change one person’s life for the better, and all you had to do was share your ideas, would you share those ideas?

If you said yes - then there’s your answer on what you need to do.

Even if you affect just one person in this world, would it be worth sharing your message?

I’ve met people who have said:

"Because of you, I don’t have to struggle to pay bills and can finally take care of my family."

Do you realize how good that feels knowing that I’ve changed a whole family’s life?

Wanna know what's better than me feeling good?

The fact that someone's family is doing better in life.


Reason #5 - Your ideas are getting lost in the void of time & space.

What’s that old quote?

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.” - Les Brown

This is the worst part of not sharing your ideas with the world.

One day you’ll die.

And when you die, the ideas you have will die with you.


You share those ideas with as many people as possible.

Can you see how critical it is to share your ideas?

If you don’t, you lose every aspect of what it means to be human.

You lose creativity.

Don’t take your ideas to the grave.

Share them with the world.


Short summary:

Someone else can benefit from your ideas.

As a matter of fact.

Someone out there is begging to hear your ideas.

You just need to start.

The more you share - the better you get.

It’s like these letters.

About a year ago, a lady I worked with (Yolanda) told me that I needed to share my thoughts and mental frameworks with the world.

At first - I thought sharing my message would be:

  • Boring

  • Off-brand

  • Irrelevant to people

  • Too hard to do

  • etc…

You name it.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact... Sharing my ideas with the world has made my life so much better.

So, what are the benefits of sharing your ideas with the world?


Benefits of Sharing Your Message With The World

The benefits of sharing your message with the world are EXPONENTIAL.


Benefit #1 - You help the world become a better place.

earth, clean, from outer space

Your thoughts are a spark for people who need a dose of inspiration.

Some people are looking for inspiration.

They might not have anyone around them that motivates them.

And your content is the thing that gets them motivated to do something better with their life.


Benefit #2 - You can help a kid break out of their situation in life.

kid studying at desk, on computer

Your advice can inspire a child with no hope in their household.

Some children don’t have any role models at home.

So where do they turn?

A lot of them turn to the internet.

What if they stumble across you?

What if they read a blog you wrote or a YouTube video you filmed?

What if you were the person they look up to?

What if their life was transformed because of your message?

You have that power.


Benefit #3 - You can help someone overcome their challenges in life.

man at home, in bedroom, dark room, cozy room, looking at computer, reading, dallas

People’s lives can completely transform with new information.

Imagine someone is facing a tough challenge, and they hear your advice, knowledge, or general idea.

Imagine that your words help them break through and land a high-paying job or start a new business.

The impact that you’d have on them is bigger than you can imagine.

You’ve just helped someone upgrade their life.

And that affects their family and friends as well.

So you’re potentially affecting generations of people when you help one person.


Benefit #4 - You can help someone break free from poverty.

poor person, reading, outside, los angeles, park bench

What if your ideas help someone see life from a different perspective, and that changes their whole life trajectory?

I’ve seen people learn how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud and land high-paying jobs (without a college degree).

Do you realize how much that means to someone?

A person who used to struggle to pay bills is now able to pay bills and have money left over to save for a rainy day.

That’s life-changing.

All because of choosing to share with the world and help other people.


How To Share Your Ideas With The World.

You might be thinking…

"Kaelan, this is good information. But how do I share my ideas with the world?"

Here’s MY personal recipe for sharing ideas with the world:

The 4-Step Recipe

  1. Write down what you like to talk about and create.

  2. Immerse yourself in the conversations you want to have.

  3. Reply to people talking about your interest.

  4. Create your own content.

Let's dig deeper into each step of the recipe.


Step 1 - Write down what you like to talk about and create.

brown man, writing, on paper, at desk, in apartment

Do you like talking about:

  • Lifting weights?

  • Eating healthy?

  • Personal development?

  • Psychology?

  • Marketing?

  • Traveling?

  • Tech?

Do you like to create:

  • Ceramics?

  • Artwork?

  • Videos?

  • Music?

  • Short Films?

  • Books?

  • Recipes?

What do you like working on and talking about?

Write it down.

To help stimulate ideas:

  • Think about the things you can’t stop talking about.

  • What have you talked about this week?

  • What have you been watching YouTube videos about?

This should give you a good starting point.


Step 2 - Immerse yourself in the conversations you want to have.

man studying, typing on computer

Next step - follow the people that inspire you on social media.

This includes people on:

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Threads

  • Youtube

  • etc…

Think about it this way.

You have to be in the conversation before you can start talking about a subject.

For example, if you want to talk about weightlifting, you have to follow other people who lift weights.

What do they say?

Have you ever lifted weights before?

You had to learn from someone in the past. (A coach, perhaps?)

What did your coach say in the past about weightlifting?

What is the proper way to lift weights?

What should you eat when you’re weightlifting?

These are all answers that people will have.

You need to be immersed in the conversation (listening to other people talk about the topic), so you have knowledge.

The best place to do this is to go on social media.

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Youtube

  • etc…

Follow all the people that you look up to when it comes to your favorite topic and learn as much as you can.


Step 3 - Reply to people talking about your Interests.

man walking, texting, on phone

Leave comments - genuine comments.

Give your opinion on the topic when you see something that inspires you.

You have to comment and add to the conversation before your voice gets heard on a larger scale.

This is where you learn and hone your skills.

This is where you build your authority.

You don't become an expert overnight.

You build it brick by brick.

Like Robert Greene said in the Tweet above...

Don't just consume content & retreat back into pleasure.

Contribute to the world around you.


Step 4 - Create Your Own Content.

brown man, writing, in book, inside apartment, casual clothes, overlooking los angeles

Share the ideas that you’re learning with the world.

Even if you don't get a lot of engagement at first - keep sharing.

Keep growing.

Keep posting your learning lessons.

If you learn something in a book - write it on Twitter.

Better yet - write an article about what you learn.

Put what you've learned into your own words.

Make it simple for someone to understand how your mind works.

Someone will relate to you.

A great example is Dennis Chau.

After not being able to find much online about Server Side Java Script, Dennis wrote an article about it.

You need your own content before you collaborate with bigger accounts.

You need a history of posting before you can build partnerships.

When you post valuable content long enough, people will come to YOU.



You need PROOF that you care about what you’re doing before people will trust you.

That means that you’ll have to talk about your content for a long time before people start to notice you.

You’ll have to follow the people who are in the game for a long time before you get a chance.

Expect to share your ideas with the world for at least 1 year before you build a name for yourself.

brown man, writing, in book, inside apartment, casual clothes, overlooking los angeles

As a matter of fact…

Don’t even think about how long it's gonna take to grow online.

If you talk about something you like, just keep posting online.

Don’t worry about the analytics.