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Welcome to the 3 Day
Kaelan Moss Marketing Cloud Challenge!

By the time this 3 day challenge is over...

You’ll know what Marketing Cloud is and if it's the career for you.

This challenge will position you to understand:

  • How to learn Marketing Cloud

  • How to navigate the Marketing Cloud ecosystem

  • The quickest path to showcase your Marketing Cloud knowledge so that you’re poised to land the first job of your Marketing Cloud career.

Day 1 of the Challenge... 

Do These 3 Things

  1. Watch this Video where I answer all the common questions people have when they start in Marketing Cloud. You don't want to miss this!

  2. Get The Answers To Your Marketing Cloud Questions.

  3. Sign up to Trailhead and begin this Email Specialist Trailmix. Then do the 2 activities below!

    1. Marketing Cloud Basics

    2. Email Studio Basics

That's it for Day 1 of the Challenge

Please share this challenge with friends, family and anyone else you feel might be open to a new career option!

Oh, by the way - If you already know Marketing Cloud is the career you want to pursue

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