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75 Day Writing Challenge (Day 1)

I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

And to be honest - it scares me.

For 75 days, I’m building my ideal future and pursuing what I love.


And I’m doing it all in public.

I have no idea where this is going to take me.

But I’m actively choosing to prioritize what makes me the happiest.

Who knows what sort of growth this journey is going to bring...

But the unknown is the fun part.

I won’t pigeonhole myself into writing about one single topic.

I’m going to be “Nicheless.”

My sole focus is to get better at the art and science of writing.

The byproduct of becoming a better writer means I’m going to get better at:

  • Storytelling...

  • Structure...

  • Persuasion...

  • Inducing Emotion...

  • Researching...

  • Painting pictures with words...

  • Writing...

Here’s how I’m going to approach the next 75 days.

I’m going to do the 75 hard challenge (with a twist)


Here are the rules of the original 75 hard (by Andy Frisella)

75 hard rules:

  1. 45 min workout

  2. 45 min workout outside

  3. Take progress picture

  4. 10 pages of reading

  5. Drink 1 gallon of water

  6. Follow a diet

  7. No cheat meals or alcohol

If you miss a single day of 75 hard, you have to start over.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on day 74. You still start over.


The principle of the 75 Hard Challenge is: 

To stick with something day after day (To develop the habit of consistency)

My Goals for the 75-Day Challenge I’m creating are:

  • To become a better writer/creator by producing more content.

  • To share my life lessons with the world (to transform the human experience).

  • To create a career that fits the life I want to live.

  • To have a community of selfless creators who are on the same mission as me.

Writing is the vehicle I’m using to get me there.

Allows me to experience life (and document the journey along the way) in my full element.


Here are the rules for my 75-day Writing challenge:


Rule #1: 45 minutes of writing (anywhere you want)

This can be indoors or outdoors.

Just start writing for the day.


Rule #2: 45 minutes of writing (outdoors)

Stimulate your senses and become one with nature while you’re writing.

Here's where I'm currently writing today's blog post.

Laptop, waterbottle on table by the beach in greece
Agean Sea in Greece


Rule #3: Read 10 pages of a book 

The book has to be about:

  • Writing

  • Storytelling

  • Persuasion

  • Human behavior

  • Or spirituality/religion

You have to take notes while you’re reading (and actively learn).

My guess is that I’ll naturally become a better writer and create my own book with this single step alone.

Reading and note-taking don’t count towards your 45 minutes of writing.


Rule #4: Post 1x per day on (Twitter/Threads/LinkedIn) 

Post about:

  • The progress you made as a writer that day.

  • What you wrote about.

  • Lessons learned.


Rule #5: Drink half a gallon of water daily

Keep your brain and body running optimally.

Your body is 70% - 75% water.

Every organ in your body needs water, including your brain.

Give it an environment for it to flourish.

Water is to your brain what oil is to the combustible engine.

Your writing will be dramatically better when it’s running like a well-oiled machine.


Rule #6: Take a 15-minute outdoor walk daily.

Every time I go for a walk, new ideas come to my mind.

The minimum time to walk outside is 15 minutes.

You can walk longer, of course.

Try to keep your cell phone on silent (or airplane mode) and let your mind wander.

Find the beauty in the world around you.


Rule #7: Publish one blog post per day

You have to promote that blog post in your social media post.

The goal isn’t to be perfect with every post.

Post what you can each day.

If you have a half-baked post, you still have to post it and promote it.

This is going to force progress, not perfection.

This will also force you to create a system for writing so you can become more efficient.

This probably won’t last forever, but it needs to become a habit so that writing becomes a habit.

This is a good way to use your 2-45-minute writing sessions.


Rule #8: Do 3 sets of maximum pushups per day

This rule will help your health more than you can imagine.

And it takes less than 10 minutes.

Plus, it makes you jacked and wakes you up better than 3 cups of coffee.

A basic workout routine will do miracles for your overall routine in life. 

Commit to something small and watch your life expand.

The last thing I want to be is a great writer who can’t push his own body weight around.


Alright, so that’s my challenge, and this is my blog post for today.

(March 17th, 2024 - Day 1 of 75)


In a nutshell, here's the 75-day writing challenge:

  1. 45 minutes of writing

  2. 45 minutes of writing (Outdoors)

  3. Read 10 pages of a book

  4. Post 1x per day on LinkedIn/Twitter/Threads

  5. Drink half a gallon of water daily

  6. Take a 15-minute outdoor walk daily

  7. Publish one blog post per day

  8. Do 3 sets of maximum pushups per day


PS - Here are 23 tips that may be useful for you on your writing journey.

How to Become a Better Writer (supercharged Edition)

  1. Follow other writers online (curate your feed)

  2. Unfollow or mute people who don’t align with your mission. (Create an atmosphere that allows for maximum growth)

  3. Pick a goal for your writing (e.g., becoming a better copywriter, novelist, storyteller, information synthesizer, reporter, truth seeker, documentationalist, etc.).

  4. Join writing groups (in person and online)

  5. Find a favorite writer and devour all of his/her content

  6. Take walks in between writing sessions

  7. Write on different devices (iPhone, laptop, paper, iPad). Switch it up

  8. Write in different places (I’m on an airplane going to Thessaloniki, Greece, while writing this)

  9. Write as soon as you wake up (you’ll be fresh and inspired by your dreams)

  10. Find a writing buddy to do the challenge with

  11. Travel somewhere new (city, state, or country)

  12. Talk to someone new each day (ask them questions about their life), be genuinely interested, and let them do most of the talking. Take notes if you have to (this can be used as your 10 pages of reading if you are interviewing someone and taking notes)

  13. Create systems for writing, editing, publishing, and promoting your work

  14. Promote your work everywhere you can. The more people know about your work, the more likely it is that you can create a career as a writer

  15. Write down words you don’t know the meaning of (and learn them)

  16. Get proper sleep (if you’re sleeping 7-8 hours every night, your ideas will flow more naturally)

  17. Go on a walk right after you write (to let your brain decompress)\

  18. Have a folder for ideas when they come to you (and write them down so you don’t forget)

  19. Give yourself prompts 

  20. If you get on social media (post more than you consume) - become the person that people listen to

  21. Post as many pieces 

  22. Pick a platform to post on that will allow you to post as much content as you consume.

  23. An easy platform to constantly post on is Twitter or Threads

  24. Replace doom scrolling with writing. Anytime you feel the urge to scroll social media for more than 10 minutes (without posting

  25. Don’t make your goal an external one. Make it internal

  26. The goal is to become a better writer

  27. Not to get more followers

  28. Don’t chase things that you can’t control

  29. Focus on mastering the art and science of writing

  30. Add pictures to your writing (to let people know what you’re experiencing in the moment while you’re writing).


PPS - Don’t be scared - Join this 75-day challenge with me.

If you start this challenge when I’m far into the 75 days, that’s okay. 

Get started and let me know on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Threads.

Spread writing to the world.

The more you write about your life and share your learning lessons, the better the world becomes.

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


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