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Marketing Cloud Cert Process (Pass any Marketing Cloud Cert With This)

80%+ of people who study for a Marketing Cloud cert suffer from test anxiety.

"Test anxiety is a feeling of agitation and distress associated with test taking" - University of California, Davis


10 reasons you have test anxiety


Have you studied for a Marketing Cloud cert before?

Was it overwhelming?

Was it intimidating?

What if you could pass any Marketing Cloud cert with ease?

How would you feel?

Would you be able to:

  • Get a bonus?

  • Land a high-paying job?

  • Take on bigger projects?

  • Get more job opportunities?

  • Contribute more to the team?

  • Show that you know your stuff?


Not long ago...

If you asked me how to pass a Marketing Cloud certification.

I would've said to do These 7 Steps

7 steps to pass marketing cloud certifications


And that would've been good advice!

But we need to go deeper into step 5...

We need to know the Marketing Cloud Project Process.


You need to know the Marketing Cloud Project Process

What happens if you don't know the Process?

  • Failing exams.

  • You'll feel lost.

  • Always be a beginner.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed.

  • Won't help a lot on projects.

  • Not able to answer questions.

  • Don't know what or how to study.

  • No confidence while taking exams.

  • Don't know how Marketing Cloud works.

  • Starting from scratch every time you study.

  • Surprised by questions when taking exams.

  • Never pick up on the patterns in Marketing Cloud.


That's not what you want.

You should be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Studying for a Marketing Cloud cert shouldn't stress you out.

Marketing Cloud follows a 5 step system.

You can do 500 Marketing Cloud projects, and every project will follow the same 5 Steps.

So... How do you pass a Marketing Cloud Exam?

Glad you asked, my friend.

Here's How to Pass Marketing Cloud Exams:

  1. Know the Marketing Cloud Project Process in depth.

  2. Use it to study for the cert.

But first, how did we arrive at this point?


How We Got Here...

A few years ago, I was doing a project with a luxury skincare company based out of New York.

We were on a Zoom call.

It was 6:30 PM on some random weeknight.

The consultant working on the project shared his screen.

He showed me what his team built in Marketing Cloud.

The list included:

  • Emails

  • Reports

  • Journeys

  • Automations

  • SQL Queries

  • Data Extensions

  • Attribute Groups

He showed me the whole Marketing Cloud picture.

The zoomed-out version.

It looked similar to projects I did in the past.

That's when it hit me! 💡

Every Marketing Cloud project works the same way!

Only 3 things change between Marketing Cloud projects:

  1. The Data

  2. The Real-World Scenarios

  3. The Company You Work With

But the process stays the same.

Every project you build in Marketing Cloud follows the same pattern.

Every task you do follows a step-by-step system.

I did a lot of Marketing Cloud projects before realizing all of this.

It's hard to describe how I felt in the moment.

I was happy and upset at the same time 😅

Before realizing this, I spent a lot of time feeling confused.

I didn't know how things worked together.

Marketing Cloud felt brand new every time I logged in.

Like I was starting from scratch.

But when that light bulb went off in my head 💡, everything became clear.

I started using the Marketing Cloud Project process in everything.


  • Studying for Marketing Cloud Exams.

Last week - I wrote this article about the Marketing Cloud Project Process.

The 1st thing to know - The Marketing Cloud Project Process

The 2nd thing to know - How to use the process to study for your certification.

At this point, you may be asking:

"Okay, but how do you use the Marketing Cloud Project Process to pass a Marketing Cloud certification?"

I'm glad you asked that question!

You're going to use a new process:

The Marketing Cloud Certification Process

But... First things First...

What are the benefits of the Marketing Cloud Certification Process?


The Marketing Cloud Cert Process

(7 Benefits)

Here are 7 benefits of learning The Marketing Cloud Cert Process:

  1. More Credibility (so you can get hired by your dream company)

  2. Land that high-paying job (So you can stop worrying about bills)

  3. Get that bonus you deserve (so you can live the lifestyle you want)

  4. More Career Opportunities (So you can make an impact and get paid)

  5. To understand marketing cloud concepts (so you can become the expert)

  6. To prove that you're smart enough (so you can defeat imposter syndrome)

  7. To show that you know your stuff (So you can take on higher-paying projects)

Could any of those benefits change the trajectory of your career?

Could they change your life?


Good - Here's the Marketing Cloud Cert Process!

Take it and watch your career blossom like a flower on a sunny spring day.


This is my 4-step process to pass Marketing Cloud Certifications.

Click the drop-down arrow to learn each step in detail.

Each drop-down arrow represents one of the four steps in the process.

Know the Marketing Cloud Project Process

Get the Exam Outline Sections in order

Add the bullet points (As Questions) this is the most important step

Find the resources to study for each bullet point

If you're studying for a Marketing Cloud Cert - use this 4-step process to pass with ease!

Or you can take a course that walks you through this 4-Step process.


How To Pass Marketing Cloud Certifications.

(A Recap)

Here's what we covered in this letter.

  1. Know the Marketing Cloud Project Process

  2. Implement the Marketing Cloud Cert Process

  3. Follow the rest of the steps in the 7-step process

Alright - That's all I've got for ya today.

I'm headed to Comic-Con here in San Diego to see what that's all about.

Enjoy your weekend!

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


PS - When you’re ready, here are 2 ways I can help you:

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