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My AMPscript Journey (Day 3)

Today marks day 3 of learning AMPscript

I learned about the Lookup function

I should say... "I'm learning about the Lookup function."

I haven't documented the past 2 days, so this is where I'm starting!

Follow along on the journey to Therion and I learning AMPscript!


Here are the websites I went to:


These websites helped me gain a bit more understanding of the AMPscript Lookup functions I was practicing with.


The example I'm using is a Nike example

so I have a sendable data extension that has all my Nike customer data, like:

- favorite shoe

- favorite color

- how much they spent

- first name

- last name

- email address

- customer nike_id

and I have another data extension, which is the non-sendable data extension, and it holds the Nike store data, like:

- purchase source

- coupon code

- amount spent

- customer nike_id

- store location

and I'm creating an email that pulls the customer nike_id from the sendable data extension

and I'm also pulling the coupon code and purchase source from the non-sendable data extension.

I'm running into an issue pulling the coupon code and purchase source.

I don't know why it's not rendering in the email I built out, but it's just drawing a blank when I go to preview and test

anyways... now Therion and I are troubleshooting and trying to fix the deal.


Here are the epiphanies we had today

AMPscript Lookup function is like a SQL query.

It looks like this


You are pulling a specific column from a data extension where a certain value is true.

It sounds complicated at first, but it makes sense once you get the logic.

We realized that coding is just logic.

Once you understand the formula, it isn't hard.

Coding is all about knowing the formula and then filling in the blanks.

If you can figure out algebra, you can figure out coding.

Learn the formula, and then you will know how to do anything.

Everything will build on top of the next thing.

Just keep going.


How long did we study today?

I woke up at 7 AM CST today, and we studied until about 10 AM

we set a timer for 45 minutes, took a break for about 1 minute, and then set another 15-minute timer.

After the entire hour was finished, we set a 20-minute timer to take a break.

I made breakfast and then came right back, and we got to business again for another 45 minutes.

After that, we called it a day.


My homework for the day

I read 5 pages of the book "Automating Salesforce Marketing Cloud," to get more pattern recognition and knowledge about these developer languages.

It's helping me think differently, and I think as time goes on, it'll help me learn things faster and faster.

Anyways, that's it for day 3!

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin out


ps - one thing I forgot to mention.

Work with a study partner... here's why...

- it helps you stay motivated...

- it gives you a reason to wake up and study early in the morning when you normally would fall back asleep...

- it makes the study process fun...

- it pushes you to think in different ways than just your own brain would...

that's it!

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