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My AMPscript Journey (Day 3)

Today marks day 3 of learning AMPscript

I learned about the Lookup function

I should say... "I'm learning about the Lookup function."

I haven't documented the past 2 days, so this is where I'm starting!

Follow along on the journey to Therion and I learning AMPscript!


Here are the websites I went to:

AMPscript LookupRows - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Functions in 5 minutes

#MCResources: Video Library

Marketing Cloud ~ AMPScript 101

Lookup - the ampscript guide

Lookup - marketing cloud developer documentation

AMPScript Lookup Examples


LookupRows Function

AMPscript Lookup - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Functions in 5 minutes


These websites helped me gain a bit more understanding of the AMPscript Lookup functions I was practicing with.