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Take Control Of Your Life


These three questions make you think deeper.

They allow your mind to expand.

With these questions, you can start designing your ideal future.

If you want to design your ideal future, this week, you came to the right newsletter!


This whole letter is going to be interactive from this sentence on.

So take a minute to grab a pen and paper.

We're going to do an activity together.

Now at this point, you may be asking:

"Kaelan, what activity are you talking about, and what's the goal?"

Glad you asked, my friend!


The Goal Of The Activity Today

(Design Your Ideal Life)

After this activity, you'll know this about yourself:

Alright - Now you know the purpose of this activity.

Let's get to it!


The 5-Step Blueprint

For Your Life.

To design our ideal life, we'll need to follow 5 simple steps.

I'm going to do all 5 steps with you.

It's important that I do this activity with you.

As I turn 29 today, I want to put these steps into use to get the most out of my life.

I want to enter my 30s next year with the right habits in place.

So here are the 5 steps we're going to do together.


Step 1

Identify What You Want Out Of Life.

If you could get anything you wanted, what would you ask for?

If you want a house on the beach, write it on the sheet of paper that you pulled out earlier.

If you want a new brand new Ferrari, write it down.

Be as bold as possible.

Let the inner thoughts out.

Nobody's looking at your paper.

If you want to find out what you truly want;

Write down your answers to the three questions from above.

  • If you could be whoever you wanted to be... Who would you be?

  • If you could do whatever you wanted to do... What would you do?

  • And if you could hang out with anyone in the world... Who would you hang out with?

Take some time to answer each question on a sheet of paper.

Each question should take 5 minutes to answer.

Pull out a timer and set it to 5 minutes.

Start writing whatever comes to your mind.

The first thing that comes to your mind is what you genuinely want.

Don't suppress who you are.

Let it all out.

If you could be whoever you wanted to be... Who would you be?

Create I AM statements for who you want to be

Here are my answers:

I would be a leader that shows people how to get into the tech ecosystem and live their dream lifestyle.

I would be a God-fearing man who is consistent in the gym and is his word with everything he says he will do.

I would be a physically fit man who is a positive role model to men and women worldwide.

I would be the man God designed me to be in my relationship with my girlfriend and put God first in all my decisions.

I would show people how to break free from generational chains of mental bondage and dis-ease.

I would seek wise counsel from other strong men and women with the same interests as me who achieve their goals gracefully and easily.

I would lead my family and be a light to show them what God's blessings can do when you're diligent and put your hand to the plow.

I would focus on adding as much value as possible and being as useful as possible.

I would focus on creating more than consuming.

I would focus on consuming only the necessary information related to my goals and dreams.

I would focus on building systems that can duplicate my efforts and give me leverage.

I would focus on making friends with like-minded and God-fearing people.

If you could do whatever you wanted to do... What would you do?

I would travel to exotic places like Bali, Thailand, Meditterenan, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

I would also travel around the united states in a 4-Runner visiting all the national parks, fishing, camping, going to different coastlines, and seeing the coffee shops along the coast and the different breakfast spots around the United States. I'd also be visiting all the delicious dinner spots.

I'd be living in Southern California and working from a rooftop that can see downtown san diego and also can see the ocean.

I would be waking up when early and knocking out all my essential priorities before 11:00 AM every day and enjoy the rest of the day either taking a walk along the beach, surfing, riding bikes, going to work out, grocery shopping, visiting family, and friends, and then making a delicious dinner at night and enjoying the evening with the people that bring me the most happiness.

I'd be riding along the west coast, bumping some Quinn XCII as loud as possible with the windows rolled down and enjoying the sunny blue skies and the ocean breeze.

I'd be hanging with my girlfriend, lil broski, and best friend while we do fun stuff in So. Cal without worrying about anything because we were already productive for the day.

And if you could hang out with whomever you wanted to... Who would you hang out with?

I'd hang out with people that are wiser than me.

I'd hang out with people who have accomplished what I want.

I'd hang out with God-Fearing people who seek the lord daily and get business handled.

I'd hang out with people that have integrity and are respectable to the people they meet.

I'd hang out with non-judgemental people who know their priorities daily and can teach me something new when we talk.

I'd hang out with people about that action, get to work when work needs to be done, and don't just talk about what they're gonna do - but get to it and do it!

I'd hang out with adventurous people who want to see new experiences, try new foods, and visit new places.

I'd hang out with movers and shakers in their city and community.

I'd hang out with people who find the positive in Life and don't always worry about negative circumstances.

I'd hang out with people who don't let negativity dictate how they operate daily.

I'd hang out with people that look at every choice as a decision to do the right thing.

I'd hang out with self-aware people that care about making daily progress.

I'd hang out with people that put God first and don't put items first.

I'd hang out with people who are smart with their money and can learn new things from them.

I'd hang out with people that know how to cook and want to get better at skills that interest them (like Guitar, Cooking, learning another language,tetc)

I'd hang out with people that like the following:

  • Business

  • Teaching

  • Working out

  • Eating Healthy

  • Traveling the world

  • Helping other people)

  • Enjoying dominion and prosperity over God's green earth

Okay - Now you know WHAT you want your dream life to look like!

Let's go to the next step.


Step 2

Why Do You Want This Dream Life?

Step two is where you identify your WHY.

Simon Sinek has a fantastic TED talk on how great leaders inspire action.

The one thing that great leaders have in common is they always start with WHY.

If you want everything from above but don't start with WHY, you won't stick with it.

Even worse, if you stick with it, you won't inspire anyone to come on board to experience the journey with you.

If you don't have a powerful WHY - you won't care, and neither will anyone else.

So take 15 minutes to write WHY you wrote what you wrote above.

Here are the questions to answer for step 2:

  • Why do you want to be who you want to be?

  • Why do you want to do what you want to do?

  • Why do you want to hang out with the people you want to hang out with?

Take 5 minutes to answer each question.

Here are my responses to each question.

Why do you want to be who you want to be?

I want to show the younger generations that anything is possible in Life.

I want to show my family that they can be whoever they want. They don't have to follow the rules that other people have set for their lives.

I want to show my siblings that you can set your mind to something; if you are consistent, anything is possible.

I want to be an example to my friends and family that there are unlimited options in Life, and you get to decide where you go.

I want to show people that you don't have to worry about anything if you follow God. He'll take care of you if you show up consistently and do the work he wants.

I want to show people that positive habits lead to positive outcomes and that they can break free from generational curses that have been on their families for years.

I want to show people that you have dominion over the earth and everything within it. There's no reason to worship things when things are a tool for us to fulfill our purpose.

I want to show people that there is only one truth, and we must become self-aware of the matrix that we've been placed in if we want to break free.

I want to show people that you can create your future from a blank slate, even if everything in your past tells you otherwise.

I want to show people you can enjoy any part of the world freely and effortlessly without strain and pain.

Why do you want to do what you want to do?

I want to enjoy the sunshine and open blue skies.

I love nature and want to be outside as much as possible to enjoy the beautiful earth God made for us.

I want to listen to fantastic music, have genuine conversations, and enjoy pleasant experiences.

I want to share unique life experiences with friends and family.

I want to see things the general public says are impossible.

I want to show my family they can do things differently than the masses.

I want to experience the world in a way I've never seen before.

I want to support the people that matter to me without stressing out about how I will get those resources.

I want to empower other people to realize they can learn skills that will take them as far as they want to go.

Why do you want to hang out with the people you want to hang out with?

I want to be inspired by the people I'm around.

I'm the average of the five people I'm around the most.

That includes who I talk to on the phone, on social media, and with whom I hang out.

I want to be around people who help me cultivate and nurture my skills to provide high value to the world.

I want a mastermind community of people making a difference in the world and developing new ideas that shake industries.

I want to innovate the way we do things as a society.

I want to change the status quo and allow people to change their lives more effectively and efficiently.

I want to feel charged up after I hang out with like-minded people and feel empowered to make a difference.

I want to get wise advice from people who know more than I do regarding my interests.

I want to have a good model for how to make decisions.

I want to know that my choices are based on sound principles that work.


Okay, we're getting closer to understanding our Life's blueprint.

Now we understand our WHY.

Remember, understanding your WHY is the most crucial step.

If you don't believe me, read Start with Why or watch this TED Talk.

Make sure you write down your WHY before you move to step 3.


Step 3

The Biggest Obstacles In Your Way

On every hero's journey, there's always an obstacle.

You see it in every movie.

The main character wants to achieve something.

But there's always something standing in the way.

Place yourself in the shoes of the hero.

You are the hero in your life story.

What obstacles are standing in your way?

What's stopping you from living your ideal lifestyle?

Write down everything that's stopping you from achieving what you want!

Take 5 minutes to do this step.

This step will give you clarity on what is standing in your way.

You can destroy those things once you become clear on what's stopping you.

You'll never achieve your dreams if you're unaware of what's stopping you.

How can you overcome something you're not aware of?

So, here's the question for step three:

What is holding you back from achieving your ideal lifestyle?

Write down everything you can think of.

Take 4 minutes to answer this question.

Here's my response to this question:

What is holding you back from achieving your ideal lifestyle?

Lack of clarity around my vision

Not wanting to plan things out.

Not wanting to stick to the plan.

Thinking that it takes too long to achieve what I want

Being comfortable with my current friends and wanting to avoid meeting new people.

Being complacent with where I'm at.

Not getting a good picture of my financial health and how much I'm spending, and how much I'm making.

Not setting goals based on my ideal dream lifestyle.

Doing things based on goals that other people set for me.

Never reflecting on WHY I'm doing what I'm doing.

Not mapping my actions to their goals.

Doing things and expecting a quick result from them.

Not remaining diligent in what I'm doing - looking for instant gratification.

Looking at social media too often and getting distracted constantly.

Saying yes to too many things rather than focusing on the things that matter the most.

Not setting a schedule for each day. Just doing things based on a whim.

Letting the wind blow me wherever, not planning my day the night before.

Not creating rules for my decisions.

Saying yes, when my gut instinct tells me to pause before speaking.

Not doing my top priorities as soon as I wake up.

Not being on a regular bedtime routine.

Not sticking to my morning and evening routine.

Not eating the whole foods diet I should be sticking to.

Not sticking to a consistent workout routine that gives me something to look forward to every week.

Not tracking my spending each day and week to see where my money is going. This is one of the most important things I'm not doing, which is why things can sometimes feel stressful.

Taking in too much information each day (data that's not relevant to my goals)

Procrastinating on the most critical priorities and doing other things irrelevant to my goals.

Talking too much about what I want rather than getting to work to get what I want.

Having too many thoughts in my head that cause me to think I should do a million different things rather than stick to one thing at a time.


Alright - we have all the obstacles written down.

Just write as much as you can within 4 minutes.

See what comes to the top of your mind.

You already know what's standing in your way.

It's about writing it down.

Writing everything down gives you the clarity your mind is looking for.

You can face it head-on once you can see what's stopping you.

A Harvard study shows that when you write down what you want and look at it daily, your likelihood of achieving it goes up by more than 90%.

That's why it's essential to write all this down!

Okay - on to step 4


Step 4

The Pain Of Not Achieving Your Dreams

What will happen if you DON'T realize your dreams?

What will your Life look like if you don't take control of your Life?

What's the pain of not becoming the person you were meant to be?

In this step, you'll answer that question.

The exercise for this step is to answer this question:

What is the pain of not achieving your dreams?

Take 4 minutes to answer this question!

Here's my response to this question:

What is the pain of not achieving your dreams?

My family will go on living the Life they've always lived. They won't know a different reality in Life.

My family will continue going down the path laid out to them by people before them rather than living the Life they were meant to live.

My friends won't live up to their potential, and we'll keep discussing the same things we've always discussed.

Lives around the world won't be touched and changed for the better.

There will be people in the world that won't live a better life because the message won't reach them.

My family legacy will remain the same, and my future kids and grandkids won't understand what it means to live the Life they designed.

The people in my Life will continue to be stressed about bills.

The people I love will live a comfortable but stagnant life rather than challenging and growth-inducing.

I won't influence my younger siblings on what it means to live a God-fearing lifestyle.

I won't be showing God's light to the world. I won't be stepping into the full potential of what I'm called to do in this Life.


You can write whatever your biggest pain is.

This exercise is for you to do.

My answers should give insight into what you can write when answering these questions.

We only have one more step to do in this activity together!


Step 5

Design A Plan To Achieve Your 1-Year Dreams

Now that you know:

  • Your personal goals you want to achieve in a year

  • Why you want to achieve those goals

  • What's standing in your way

  • The biggest pain of not achieving those goals.

The only thing left is to develop a plan to achieve those goals.

So how do you create the plan?

The good news is that you've already started to create the plan.

You have the foundation set.

Now it's time to follow four steps to accomplish your dreams.

Here are the four steps:

  1. Turn every obstacle into a positive habit.

  2. Print out:

    1. Your Dreams

    2. Your Why

    3. Your positive habits

    4. And put them in a place you'll see daily.

  3. Follow a morning and evening routine to stay on track.

  4. Share your plan with the world (Like I'm doing here).

Let's see what that looks like!

I'll do these four steps with you.


Your Plan To Achieve Your 1-year Dreams.

(The 4-Step Process)


Step 1

Turn every obstacle into a positive habit.

I will take my obstacles from step 3 above and turn those into the habits I need to do every day to overcome and achieve my goals.

Obstacles to Positive Habits - Choosing habits that create my ideal lifestyle.

Wake up every day with clarity around my vision.

Plan the next day out every night before bed.

Schedule my day in the calendar the night before.

Stick to the daily plan even when things get boring. (That's where the growth is made)

Set deadlines for achieving my goals and only focus on the habits it takes to complete them every day.

Actively speak to someone daily who shares your beliefs about Life (whether online or in person).

Every day, talk to someone that brings you energy in Life, even if it means texting them.

Go to networking events based on your interests in your city to meet new friends.

Take care of what you have - clean and organize everything in your Life.

  • If it's disorganized, it's bringing you chaos in your mind.

Get a clear picture of how much you've made in the last six months.

  • (Know the exact number)

Get a clear picture of how much you've spent in the last six months.

  • (Know the exact number)

Identify where you spend the most money.

Identify what you can cut out from your spending.

Identify how much you can save when you understand your financial picture.

Each weekend, track your spending (to stay on top of your weekly spending).

Every goal should tie back to your 1-year dream.

Understand how each goal you set each month fits into the 1-year picture of your Life.

When you set a goal, tie it back to how it will help you one year from now so you understand the bigger picture.

If someone else sets a goal for you (like your boss), look at the positive.

  • (How will you take this goal as a challenge, and how can you use it for your 1-year dream?)

  • If your boss's goals don't align with your one-year goals, then you need a new job that aligns with your purpose.

Reflect every night on how your day went, what you accomplished, and how it fits into your 1-year plan.

Expect your habits to take 30 days of consistency before they become 2nd nature.

Track your daily habits in a calendar to remember that you're supposed to do that every day.

Keep every habit and goal in the calendar so you remember them.

Look at your calendar three times per day and ask yourself these two questions:

  • Have I done what I need to do today?

  • Am I doing random things to avoid important actions?

Set social media time limits and stick to them.

Get on social media to post once daily (only to post or respond to comments/DM's.)

Practice saying NO if it doesn't relate to your goals.

Don't do more than one important thing at a time.

Don't multitask

  • (The calendar helps you know what you should be doing and when you should be doing it)

Set your priorities, put them in the calendar, and show up to them just like you would if it was a meeting with your boss.

If someone asks you to do something, ask yourself if you've done what you need to do for the day.

  • If you have, then ask if you will have fun doing it.

  • If you will, then do it.

  • If not, then don't do it.

Plan every day the night before in your calendar and in a notebook or Monk Manual.

Create rules and stick to those rules - (these are your living standards).

  • A good example is (If you can't afford to buy it daily for a month, then don't buy it).

Pause before speaking - wait to say yes.

Tell people you need time to decide before committing to it.

  • Don't worry about what they say.

  • Most people are stuck in a vicious cycle, and they won't understand you when you do this.

Do your top priorities as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Stick to a bedtime routine - (In bed before 11:30 every night).

Plan the next day, every afternoon after work or before bed.

Read a book while you're in bed.

Don't look at your phone in your bed.

Keep your phone across the room or in another room so you're not distracted by it in your bed.

Eat whole foods every day.

Don't worry about a diet as long as you stick to whole foods and avoid sugary and processed foods.

Do at least 50 pushups and squats every day.

Preferably, lift weights at the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Track your workouts in your notes app or fitness app to improve.

Look at your credit card statement and see where your money is going.

  • (Put it in the calendar to do this).

Look at your bank statement daily to see where your money is going and coming from.

  • (Put it in the calendar to do this).

Go on a low-information diet.

  • Only look at things if they relate to your goals, and you can immediately act on them now.

  • Don't consume information just for the sake of consuming information.

  • Go outside and enjoy Life.

  • Get around people and talk to them.

  • Knowledge is only helpful if you can take action on it.

If you need to do something, don't procrastinate.

  • Do what you can at that second, even if that means contacting someone to help you.

  • Get the ball rolling by any means necessary.

Once you understand what needs to be done to help you achieve your goals - attack it with massive action!

Don't talk too much about what you're going to do.

  • Set the intention and get to work.

  • If you talk about it too much, your brain won't do it because it'll think you've already accomplished it.

Just do the work as soon as you can.

Go on a walk, run, work out, or write when overthinking.

  • If you write - ask yourself how your thinking fits into the overall bigger picture of your 1-year plan.


Step 2

Print Everything Out

  • Your Dreams

  • Your Why

  • Your positive habits

  • And put them in a place you'll see daily.

If you've done everything in this activity, it's time to print everything out.

Print your one-year dreams out.

Pring your WHY

Print your positive habits.

Put them in a spot you'll see every day.

Put them on your bathroom mirror.

Screenshot them and put them in your phone.

Put them on your door.

Whatever you do - look at them every day and read them.

Get used to seeing your dreams.

Become hyper-aware of who you're trying to become.

It's not enough to write this stuff down.

You have to remind yourself of who you're becoming every day.

And you have to see your daily habits if you want to remember them.

Your habits are going to take you where you want to go.

You have to do your habits every day.

Once you habitually do the right things, the good things come by default.

The next step is to create a morning and evening routine.


Step 3

Follow a morning and evening routine to stay on track.

Here's what that looks like for me:

Morning routine:

  • Wake up to my alarm at 7:00 AM

  • Brush teeth and step outside to enjoy the fresh air.

  • Drink water

  • Immediately start doing priority #1

  • Make breakfast (3 Eggs or a smoothie)

Evening routine:

  • Reflect on the day

  • Write the top 3 priorities for the next day

  • Plan the next day in the calendar

  • Shower and drink water

  • Read a book to go to sleep

And the last step is the scariest.

But it'll produce outstanding results.

It's time to share your plan with the world (Like I'm doing here).


Step 4

Share your plan with the world (Like I'm doing here).

Once you

  • Create your plan

  • Print everything out

  • And make your daily routines

It's time to share it with the world.

Sharing with the world could mean sharing your plan with:

  • Your husband or wife

  • Boyfriend or girlfriend

  • Children

  • Parents

  • Friends

  • And coworkers.

It doesn't matter if you share it like I'm doing here.

All that matters is you share your plan and let people know your intentions in Life.

If you let other people know what you're up to, they will understand how to help.

Plus - when people know about your plans, they'll leave you alone and let you accomplish them.

When you show them you know what you're doing - people get out of the way.



This step-by-step process will give you a blueprint to start creating your ideal Life.

This blueprint is a constant work in progress.

You'll be looking at this blueprint every day.

And you'll be making changes to it over time.

This blueprint will evolve as you evolve.

The goal today was to get you on track with your ideal Life.

You'll need to develop a few skills along the way.

Those skills are:

  • Self Awareness

  • Patience

  • Long Term Thinking

  • Discipline

  • And Diligence in your work

If you develop those skills while following your blueprint, you'll create the Life YOU want.

Not the Life that someone else hands to you.

So to recap...

Here's the step-by-step process to create the blueprint for your dream life.

Take this and enjoy the newfound insights that come with this activity!

Take seven days to look at what you printed and come back with new insights.

If you look at your dreams, your Why, and your habits every day, you'll be on the path toward living the Life you want.

I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Today's my 29th birthday, so I will see where this blueprint takes me in the last year of my 20s.

I want to hit 30 years old, crushing my habits and living my ideal lifestyle!

Cheers to Life 🥂

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


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