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Why it's okay to be imperfect

Being perfect sucks.

It's also impossible.

Think about it, if you're trying to be perfect, you're trying to be something you aren't.

So you're automatically setting yourself up for failure.

The beauty behind being imperfect, and being okay with it, is that you give yourself the room to be yourself.

And being yourself is what you know how to do the best.

It's where you thrive.

You should always do things you are good at and can thrive in.

Take these blog posts, for example...

I don't write these blog posts or have any editors... I have Grammarly, which tells me if I misspelled a word and if my sentence structure is off balance and gives me suggestions to fix things.

Other than that, I just write what's on my mind.

And I encourage you to live your life the same way.

Just say what's on your mind... no matter how perfect or imperfect it sounds...

It's what makes you unique. And if your goal is to give value to other people in the world, then that's all you should focus on.

The rest will take care of itself.

I see soooo many people trying to be perfect in everything they do, and it stops them from making any progress.

Being perfect also stops people (and has stopped me in the past) from giving as much value to people as they possibly can.

Think about it... If you're obsessing over that perfect blog post, or the perfect YouTube video, or the perfect LinkedIn post, then you're probably never going to post it and share it with the world.

But if you write or share what's on your mind and you do it in your own unique way... It has a chance to change someone's life for the better.

The only difference was that you decided to write, speak, and post.

The world needs your perspective on life and people who will be a positive influence.

You can figure out all the SEO, marketing, and influencer stuff later.

What you have inside of your mind is what the world needs to hear RIGHT NOW... Not later when it's all perfected.

If you truly have a message to share, then share it NOW!

There's no time to wait... The best time and the only time we have is the present moment.

That's all I have for this post.

If this post relates to your life and your situation, leave a comment and tell the world how this impacted you.

I want to see how just 5 minutes of writing has impacted you, because sometimes I struggle with writing and sharing as well, and it would be amazing to see how my imperfect action has inspired someone else, which hopefuylly creates a ripple effect.

Here's to being imperfect and still changing the world!


Kaelan Moss, The MinuteAdmin


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