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How To Write a Newsletter Every Week: (Writing a Blog On-Time) ⏳

This message is to me.

I need this advice.

If you find value in it - let me know.

It's cool seeing people go through the same things you're going through.

It's even cooler to know that you can help.

So here is my attempt to help.


The intention of this letter:

To give myself a weekly Blog writing process.


But First:

Let's Define The Problem

blog post, on computer, macbook, at desk, in room, with glass window, overlooking san diego

Saturday comes around, and I don't have my weekly blog post written.

The deadline for "Writing the blog post" hits me every Friday.

I want to have it written and scheduled for Saturday morning.

But for some reason, it hasn't been going the way I want it to go.

Let's figure out WHY...


WHY Do I Have This Problem?

blog post, on computer, macbook, at desk, in room, with glass window, overlooking rome

WHY am I not publishing my weekly blog post on Saturday mornings?

Here are all of the reasons I can think of:

  1. I wait until Friday or Saturday to actually pick a topic.

  2. I choose topics throughout the week but don't stick to one topic.

  3. I change topics too much throughout the week.

  4. I consume too much information and don't know how to synthesize it.

  5. I don't set an intention each week on what I want to write about.

  6. I don't follow a system that produces a blog post each Saturday morning.

  7. I follow a system that produces a blog post each Monday afternoon.

  8. I don't write in time blocks Monday through Wednesday, then switch to editing on Thursdays and Fridays.

  9. I don't ACTIVELY work on my newsletter every day.

  10. I don't prioritize writing 1st thing in the morning (consistently).


So the question is...

Do I want to keep the Monday afternoon blog posting process?

This process creates a new blog post each Monday Night.

Or do I want to do the Saturday morning blog posting process?

This process will create a new blog post each Saturday morning.


My answer is:

I want to do the Saturday morning blog posting process.


WHY do I want the Saturday Morning blog posting process?

blog post, on computer, macbook, at desk, in room, with glass window, overlooking rome
  1. So I can enjoy weekends with my family.

  2. So I don't have to write on the weekends.

  3. So I can travel around my city and chill at coffee shops.

  4. So I can play outside with my friends and family on Saturdays and Sundays (without worrying about a deadline).

  5. So I can take a flight on the weekends - (and chill in the sky).

  6. So I'm not waiting until Monday night to send a blog post out. (People are tired enough from Monday as it is).

  7. I'd rather spend Monday brainstorming and free-writing rather than publishing a blog post.

  8. I want to send my weekly newsletter out by Saturday Morning (The blog goes in the newsletter).

  9. So I don't have the Sunday Scaries (knowing I need to finish the blog post).

  10. I want to wake up Monday morning feeling refreshed - (not exhausted because I was working on a blog post all weekend).


How Am I Going To Solve This Problem?

Now comes the fun part.

Brainstorming to come up with the solution.

light bulb, in the clouds, like a thinking bubble, clouds surrounding it

Here's my braindump *(Before I come up with the solution)*

  • Figure out what I want to talk about in my blog.

  • Look at what other people are already doing

    • Justin Welsh & Dan Koe.

  • Get your site set up the way you really want it

    • So you're proud of it.

  • Have a category of what you're writing about.

  • Have a goal for the entire blog

    • And how it helps you on your journey.

  • Be intentional about becoming a better writer.

  • Have a goal for your writing.

    • And write with that goal in mind.

  • Focus on sharing your message and genuinely helping people.

    • The rest will follow.

  • Create a system for your writing.

    • Plug the pieces into your system.

  • Block out time for yourself.

  • Set a challenge to keep the Saturday Morning blog posting streak with yourself.

  • Actively try to grow the blog readership.

    • Don't let your internal stories stop you from sharing your message with the world. Just do it creatively.

  • Add a spark of creativity to each post.

    • So you have a sense of pride with your posts.

  • Don't even TRY to make money from your blog.

    • Let it come naturally - if it ever comes.

  • Write like you're writing right now. To yourself.

    • Keep the blog as your public journal.

Okay, that's everything I can think of.


What's next?

Take those brainstorming ideas and create a basic plan.

calendar, pencil, world map, desk, in dark room, cozy room, overlooking san diego

Then, put those ideas on the calendar for this upcoming week.

That just hit me.

I NEED to get back in the habit of planning my week and timeblocking.

Alright, here we go.


Here's The Plan.

Step 1

What do I want to write about next week?

pencil, notebook, desk, bright room, cozy room, overlooking san diego, sunny outside

Categories to choose from:

  1. Psychology - (Behavioral Science)

  2. Marketing

  3. Personal Development

I'll pick right now.

Next week's topic is going to be about:

  • Influence (By Robert Cialdini)

I keep talking about this book to people.

And I keep seeing the concepts from the book in real life.

I want to get the knowledge out of my head and write about it.

That way, I can synthesize what I've learned.

And so I can explain it to other people easier.

So next week's blog post will be about Influence by Robert Cialdini.

Okay - that covers what I'm going to write about.

Now I don't have to think about the topic.

I just need to stick with it.

It's going to take discipline.

But I'm up for the challenge.


Step 2

Timeblock (Writing & Editing) in the Calendar.

I'm going to write first thing in the morning (for 30 minutes daily)

weekly calendar

As soon as I get out of bed at 5:45 AM, I'm going to open the computer and start writing.

And I'm going to write HERE in the blog post editor inside of Wix.

I'm not going to add it to Hemingway or Notion first.

Every draft is going to be inside of Wix.

Then I'll add long sentences to Hemingway to see how I can make a concept concise.

That's what I'll do on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

On Thursday and Friday, I'll edit the blog post.

By the end of my Friday editing session, I'll schedule the blog post to publish on Saturday Morning.


Step 3

Write to yourself

pencil, notebook, desk, bright room, cozy room, overlooking san diego, sunny outside

This is going to make writing soooooo much easier.

Don't worry about what people say about you.

If they don't like your writing, they don't have to read it.

If they don't like HOW you write, oh well. See ya later!

If they don't like what you're writing about, they're free to read someone else's stuff.

Don't let the fear of other people stop you from writing authentically.

The easiest way to write authentically is to write to yourself.


Last but not least.

Step 4

Share your writing with other people.

man at desk, overlooking ocean, sun setting, sitting in chair, window open

Share everything you write on your social media profiles.

Give it to people freely, just like you'd give it to a friend that you want to read it.

Just cause it's social media doesn't mean you have to be different.

Talk to people on LinkedIn just like you'd talk to a friend who needs what you're writing about.

Not everything you write has to be about one particular topic.

If people are interested in the topic, they'll read it.

If they aren't, they won't.


This is what I plan to say on Social Media for the Influence article:

Linkedin, Twitter, Threads

Want to learn how to persuade? Why is persuasion important anyway?

It allows you the freedom to design the life you want.

If you can't persuade, you can't get what you want in life.

This is arguably one of THE most powerful skills you can have in your arsenal of knowledge.

Check out the article (and book) to increase your persuasion skills.


Talk about the main points from my article (and dive deeper into each topic) as a 1 minute video.


Keep things simple.

Don't focus solely on what these gurus tell you to do.

Solve your own problems.

Create your own systems and solutions.

Write for yourself.

Share genuinely and focus on helping other people.

If you do that, you'll look up and be in a good spot in life.

You'll be happy.

That's the biggest thing.

Focus on happiness.

Everything else is a byproduct.

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


PS - I'll see you next week with a blog post about Influence.

Get the book here.

It's a mind-blowing book about:

How to influence human behavior.

If you want:

  • A Better Romance Life...

  • Better Family Relationships...

  • A Better Job...

  • A Better Business...

  • And want to make a difference in life...

Then Influence will help you.

And make sure to read the Influence blog post.

תגובה אחת

Joshua Mobley
Joshua Mobley
16 באוק׳ 2023

Thanks for being so authentic with a struggle a lot of us do tend to go through as content creators. It's easy to slip into that track of just waiting till last minute, and then before you know it, Last Minute is the new Normal! One other thing that really stood out to me was the plan in motion. I like how you categorized your 3 main topics into sections. overall another banger of a post! 😁


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