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Marketing Cloud Job Roles

How many job roles are in the Marketing Cloud ecosystem?

Once you get a Marketing Cloud job, will you be doing everything?

Or will you fit into a role that fits your core strengths?

These were a few questions that someone asked me recently.

These questions got me thinking. 🤔

And I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

So here you go!


Marketing Cloud Job Roles

Here's a list of all the Marketing Cloud job roles that I've ever seen.

The list came out to 14 Marketing Cloud job roles.

Here's the list.

  1. Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

  2. Marketing Cloud Administrator

  3. Marketing Cloud Developer

  4. Marketing Cloud Consultant

  5. Marketing Cloud Business Analyst

  6. Marketing Cloud Product Owner

  7. Marketing Cloud Program Manager

  8. Marketing Cloud Solution Architect

  9. Marketing Cloud Project Manager

  10. Marketing Cloud Data Analyst

  11. Marketing Cloud Automation Specialist

  12. Marketing Cloud Content Designer

  13. Marketing Cloud Training Specialist

  14. Marketing Cloud Technical Architect

In an attempt to add more value for you, I put a 3-4 sentence description for each Marketing Cloud job role below.



Marketing Cloud Job Role Descriptions

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist:

This role involves designing, building, and implementing email campaigns within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Specialists need to understand:

  • Audience segmentation

  • Email deliverability

  • How to create responsive emails with Personalization strings, Dynamic Content, and basic AMPscript


Marketing Cloud Administrator:

The administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the Marketing Cloud platform.

They may do the following:

  • Handle data integrations

  • Troubleshoot issues

  • Manage users and permissions

  • And configure the platform to do what the company needs to do within the system.


Marketing Cloud Developer:

A Marketing Cloud Developer uses platform languages and tools, like AMPscript, SQL, and SSJS, to customize the platform, build custom solutions, or integrate it with other systems.


Marketing Cloud Consultant:

This role involves helping clients optimize how they use Marketing Cloud.

A consultant should understand Marketing Cloud features and how to apply them to make sure the team is hitting all of the client's marketing objectives.

They may provide training, help with strategic planning, or advise on best practices.


Marketing Cloud Business Analyst:

The business analyst role often involves assessing what the business needs and then translating those needs into technical requirements for developers, admins, email specialists, etc, to build out.

They may also analyze marketing performance data and provide insights to drive decision making.


Marketing Cloud Product Owner:

This person is typically responsible for the overall vision and direction of the product or platform.

They work close with different stakeholders to:

  • Determine the platform's needs

  • Prioritize tasks or projects

  • And make sure that Marketing Cloud is being used the right way.


Marketing Cloud Program Manager:

This role generally involves overseeing multiple interconnected projects related to the platform.

The Program Manager would coordinate different teams, manage resources, and make sure that projects align with the company's strategic goals.


Marketing Cloud Solution Architect:

A Solution Architect is responsible for designing and overseeing the implementation of business solutions using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

They work with a lot of different stakeholders to understand the business needs, and then create a high-level design that aligns with those needs and the system's capabilities.


Marketing Cloud Project Manager:

This role involves managing projects related to the implementation, customization, or upgrade of the Marketing Cloud platform.

The Project Manager would plan the project, coordinate teams, manage risks and issues, and make sure that the project is completed on time and within budget.


Marketing Cloud Data Analyst:

A data analyst working with Marketing Cloud would be responsible for analyzing marketing data, identifying trends, and providing insights to improve marketing efforts.

They might work closely with the business analyst role or could fill a similar role in a smaller organization.


Marketing Cloud Automation Specialist:

This role focuses on leveraging Marketing Cloud's automation capabilities to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

They design, build, and maintain automated marketing campaigns and workflows in automation studio and journey builder.


Marketing Cloud Content Designer:

A Content Designer would focus on creating engaging and effective content for marketing campaigns on the Marketing Cloud platform.

This might involve design work, copywriting, or both.


Marketing Cloud Training Specialist:

This role involves training users on how to effectively use the Marketing Cloud platform.

The Training Specialist needs a deep understanding of the platform's features and capabilities, and also needs to be skilled at teaching and communication.


Marketing Cloud Technical Architect:

This role is one of the most advanced in the Salesforce ecosystem and requires a deep understanding of the Marketing Cloud platform, and broader technical knowledge.

A Technical Architect will design complex solutions for marketing challenges, usually involving multiple Salesforce Clouds and third-party integrations.


Alright, so that's the run down of each Marketing Cloud job role!

But I want to leave you with a few things to think about.


4 Things to Think About


Thing 1 to think about

Find a job where you wont be doing everything in marketing cloud.

You'll burn out (unless you're up for the challenge and they're paying you BANK)


Thing 2 to think about

When you're interviewing, you'll want to ask the hiring manager exactly what they expect you to be doing when you get hired.

If they say that you'll be doing everything, RUN.

If they say that you're coming into a team of other marketing cloud folks and you'll be helping them build campaigns, that's a good sign.


Thing 3 to think about

Also, talk with the team before you get hired so you get a feel for how the team operates and who does what.


Thing 4 to think about

The exact responsibilities for each job role can change a lot depending on the company you're applying to, the size, structure, and what it specifically needs from you at the moment.

The job titles can also change.

That's why it's important to understand how to read job descriptions so you can get the most accurate info.

For example:

A role might combine elements of several of these roles.

Or the title might not specifically mention "Marketing Cloud" but still involve working with the platform all day long.


Anywhooooo, that's all I've got for ya today!

Hope you enjoyed

Happy Fathers day to all the dad's out there

Enjoy some delicious Bar-B-Que 😋

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin Out ✌🏽


PS - If there's a job role I didn't put in here, leave a comment and let me know.

I'd love to hear and learn more about it!



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