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MY AMPscript Journey (Days 5,6,7)

I haven't written about my journey in the past few days, so here we go!

Previously, I learned about Lookup's and Lookup Rows.

The concept behind them actually make a lot of sense now.

The thing I realized was that you have to start seeing the code logically rather than like a bunch of random stuff.

It's about knowing HOW to read the code, rather than thinking it's designed to confuse you.

Code is actually really logical... At least AMPscript seems to be.

So once you get over the fact that it's hard because you've never seen it before, it becomes quite logical and easy if you practice with it and read it enough.

That's not saying that I'm a pro... I'm just saying it's getting easier since I'm doing it every day now.

But anyway! Here's what I've been studying the past few days.


AMPscript resources I've been studying

AMPscript Exercise AMP-E03a - Lookups & LOOPs 1 (THis one is a beast and i dont recommend that you start on this automatically... go to the next link and start there)

AMPscript IF Statements in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (This guy Cameron Robert is really good at explaining AMPscript concepts, and in this video he gives the building blocks of AMPscript with the IF functions. Watch this and do the exercise he created to get more experience with IF statements)

Also, Cameron Robert created this YouTube video to explain how to do all the AMPscript IF statements in his exercise guide! This is the name of the YouTube video (AMPscript Exercise AMP-E01 - IF Statements 1)

So far, that's what I've been learning the past few days.

Remember, I'm devoting 45 minutes per day to this journey

If you want to be a part of the journey and join the community and jump in and watch me as I study and study with me, you can join the Zoom calls here in the coaching community.