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Salesforce Resources To Ensure Job Security

Salesforce resources

From the laptop 💻 of Kaelan Moss

RE: Essential Salesforce Resources.

In light of the world economy and inflation...

It’s more important than ever to have skills that will carry you through tough times like these.

Some people are scrambling to find new jobs after losing theirs...

While others are continuing life as normal.

How is one group struggling while another group is secure?

The difference is in the skills.

Tech skills are in demand and NEEDED in times of pleasure as well as times of crises.

And some of the best tech skills you can have are Salesforce skills.

A ton of salesforce jobs are 100% remote.

Now is the time for you (or someone you know) to start learning skills that will secure you in times of crisis.

These tech skills are important for you to know.

So we devoted a team here at ​​MinuteAdmin​​ to collect our favorite resources.

We’ve used these resources in our Salesforce journey to take our skills and knowledge to the next level.


Salesforce Resources

free salesforce developer edition org

What better way to practice and hone your skills than your own practice environment where you can’t mess anything up?


Resource # 2: ​TalentStacker​

Talent Stacker 5 Day Challenge

This is the most successful ​Salesforce Career Development Program​ for entry-level talent globally with over 1,300 members having landed jobs in the past 3 years alone!

They help people land Salesforce jobs and supports them every step of the way.

If you've ever wondered...

"Is Talent Stacker legit?"
"Does Talent Stacker really work?"

Take it from me, it's a huge YES!

I can't say enough about the leadership and community at this company.

They have free communities, resources, podcasts, and even resources for experienced Salesforce professionals looking to earn more and work less.

Check out their alumni stories, or sign up for their next live demo here!


Salesforce admins blog

If you’re a Salesforce Admin looking for best practices, tips & tricks, insights, and career advice, this blog is for you.

I really like the article 6 skills Salesforce Admins need to succeed by Juliette Warren.


Resource # 4: Salesforce Ben​

Salesforce Ben

Started by Ben McCarthy​, a Salesforce MVP.

Ben has articles ranging from: 50 Most Popular Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers for first-time Salesforce job seekers - All the way to guest articles about ​How Salesforce Marketing Champions Can Stand Out​.


Salesforce Admin Podcast

Hosted by Mike Gerholdt, it gives Salesforce admins some insight into what other admins in the Salesforce community are up to and how they’re utilizing Salesforce to be the best admins they can be!

Great for listening to on your drive to work!


Resource # 6: Cloud Code Academy

Cloud Code Academy

Cloud Code Academy is the unfair advantage for people looking to up-skill into Salesforce Developer topics or land Developer jobs!

This is the first truly comprehensive Salesforce Development Training program in the world and I'm proud to say it's run by someone I would call a friend, Warren Walters.

Warren also happens to be an 18x Certified Salesforce MVP with a decade of experience developing and helping others!

They offer incredible free resources that you won't find anywhere else like:

All these resources are dedicated to those new to Salesforce Development.

If you feel a Salesforce Developer career path is in your future or simply diversifying your skills into development.

This is for you!


Resource # 7: AI Force

AI Force

Mark Good founded AI Force which is your one stop shop for all things Salesforce AI.

AI has been a massive topic of conversation in the Salesforce space over the past 2 years and is showing no signs of slowing.

With more information being released each day it's important to stay informed on what's relevant.

That's what AI Force is all about!

From their free Salesforce Flow GPT Course to their constant Salesforce AI news releases they are the best when it comes to keeping the community educated and informed on Artificial Intelligence topics.


Resource # 8: SFDC99​

Learn Salesforce Development

Started by David Liu, a Technical Architect at Google and a Salesforce MVP.

David gives DETAILED ​Step-by-Step guides​ to becoming a Salesforce Developer in 14 weeks.

I think it’s great when members of the Salesforce developer community create courses to help others learn how to code in Salesforce. It’s #Beautiful


Trailblazer Mentorship

Looking for a 1:1 Salesforce Career Mentor or want to give back by being a mentor?

This platform is dedicated to helping you achieve your Salesforce goals, whether you apire to be a:

  • Mentor...

  • Mentee seeking guidance...

  • Passionate supporter ready to make a difference...

This is for you

If you’re looking for Salesforce tips and advice salesforce, Trailblazer Mentorship is a great platform for people who want to ​g​​et aSalesforce Mentor​.


Resource # 10: Salesforce Military​

Salesforce military

If you’ve served in the Military (Veterans and Spouses alike) you can ​benefit​ from free Salesforce certifications and training.

Salesforce Military helps veterans take their tech skills to the next level!

Register with Salesforce Military ​here​.


Bonus Resource

Marketing Cloud Course

If you want a career in the Salesforce ecosystem that provides job opportunity and security, Marketing Cloud is the route for you.

The program includes access to Marketing Cloud courses, templates, and a community (starting August 1st, 2024) to help you pass certs & get the Marketing Cloud job you want.


Actionable Quote

"We do not need, and indeed never will have, all the answers before we act ... It is often through taking action that we can discover some of them."

~ Charlotte Bunch

With this quote in mind, remember to execute on all of the resources here.

Which resources have you used in your Salesforce journey?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time my friend.

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin, Out. ✌🏽


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