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MinuteAdmin believes that technology should be easy to understand.

Marketing Cloud should be so simple, that anyone can do it.

Who Is The MinuteAdmin?

MinuteAdmin's vision is to make Salesforce Marketing Cloud easy, simple, and straight to the point.


Nobody wants to take months or years to learn Marketing Cloud, only to realize that everything they just learned is old information by the time it's time to do the work.

MinuteAdmin has become a movement that challenges old-school PowerPoint "training", and focuses on creating a fun and interactive learning experience where people get to see real world projects up close and personal.

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Want to start learning Marketing Cloud?

Just follow the 4 steps below...

Step #1

If you want to learn Marketing Cloud step-by-step

Step #2

If you want online resources

(Start here)

Step #3

Improve your Marketing Cloud knowledge by reading the blog

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